Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan movie is a film set on World War II that features the story of the Normandy Invasion where America and its allies suffer enormous casualties at Omaha Beach from German forces. The film starts with a graphic sequence about the assault on Omaha Beach. German defenses heavily attack US troops trying to land on the beach. Back in America, General George C. Mashall who is the US Chief of Staff is informed that three brothers have lost their lives while serving in the US forces. Mrs. Ryan, their mother, is scheduled to get three telegrams about her sons' deaths on the same day. General Mashall also learns of another son, Private James F. Ryan (Matt Damon), who is serving as a paratrooper in France, but is missing in action. The general gives orders to Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) to find Private Ryan. His orders are to bring him back home

Captain Miller, has survived the landing on the beach. He scrambles a small squad of seven men of the Second Ranger Battalion and heads out to find Private Ryan. They come across a soldier who directs the to a crucial bridge o Merderet River in Ramelle town that is being protected by Private Ryan. Captain Miller pardons a German prisoner who agrees to give himself up. At Ramelle, they find Private Ryan and a few other paratroopers. Private Ryan finds out about the demise of his brothers and the mission to take him back to America, but he declines to return home. He wants to stay and fight alongside his fellow soldiers whom he calls his brothers. Miller assumes command to defend the bridge and in the ensuing battle, a large number of US soldiers die. Captain Miller is fatally shot by the German prisoner and his last words to Ryan are "Earn it".

The last scene of the movie is at a graveyard where an old Ryan asks his wife whether he has lived a life good enough to earn the sacrifice of Captain Miller and the soldiers sent to rescue him.

The Best Braveheart Movie

Mel Gibson's Braveheart movie is a full-throated, red-blooded fight epic about William Wallace, the fanciful Scots warrior who drove his country into fight against the English in the years around 1300. It's an eager film, enthusiastic about basic feelings like adoration, patriotism and foul play, and maintains a strategic distance from the travel log style of such a variety of recorded swashbucklers: Its areas look green, wet, unfathomable, sloppy and tough

Very little is thought about Wallace, known as Braveheart, with the exception of that as indicated by an old epic lyric, he brought together the groups of Scotland and won well known fights against the English before being caught, tormented and executed as a backstabber.

Wallace's withering cry, as his body was extended on the rack, was "opportunity!" That isn't precisely taking into account truth (the idea of individual flexibility was an idea not tremendously celebrated in 1300), but rather it doesn't prevent Gibson from making it his diminishing cry. It fits in with the entire wonderful range of "Braveheart," which is an activity epic with the soul of the Hollywood swordplay classics and the grungy fierceness of

The Munich Movie - A Steven Spielberg Thriller And Sneak Peak Of A Historical Event

The Munich Movie is about the true story of what happened in Munich Olympics where Palestinians held hostage, and later killed Israeli athletes. The killing was dubbed the Black September.

A team is then formed to track down and kill everyone who was involved. This team is expendable and has no ties with Mossad, CIA, or any other official body. The team is led by a former bodyguard to Israel’s Prime Minister, Avner Kaufman, played by Eric Bana.

The movie is a thriller with all kinds of people getting “swept out” as the team doesn’t care and kills everyone in their way, as they look over their shoulder for KGB, PLO, CIA, and even their own sources.

As bodies continue to pile up, the team members start to argue on ethical values and what they are exactly doing. Doubts start to linger, loyalty is distorted, certain questions start to come up? etc.

The Munich Movie is a 2005 work directed by Steven Spielberg. And with the talented Eric Bana on the screens, the movie is worth watching.

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